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About Us


       ACG - Able Communications Group, a Hong Kong company, is committed to provide customers with a one-stop O2O digital integration solution - Easesales easy marketing system. Combining "cloud technology", "big data" and "business intelligence", coupled with corporate communications, O2O sales platform, mobile applications and digital marketing, to provide customers with unprecedented online and offline omni-channel integration solutions.

       The O2O Sales Ecosystem provides a one-stop omni-channel retail solution that fully integrates the "payment" and "things" interfaces to provide a convenient and quick shopping experience. Online and offline consumer behavior, with big data analysis, automated electronic promotion and precision marketing, to create a comprehensive retail ecosystem of online stores and physical stores, shuttle online and offline business.

       ACG has been using Stay Connected for many years, with a strong technical development team and a mature operating plan to continuously meet and exceed customer needs. The Group is headquartered in Hong Kong and has branches or subsidiaries in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Taipei, Singapore, Sydney, Toronto and other regions. It is committed to helping domestic and foreign brands expand their business in target markets.


       Over the years, ACG has obtained ISO27001 international certification as well as a number of domestic and international awards. The Group's business development has also achieved annual growth by leaps and bounds, and its business scope has continuously expanded. It has received strong support from the industry and customers.